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School Communications


CUSD sends its messages through an application called School Messenger. Community members and Parents who wish to receive messages from schools where their student is not registered should follow these steps.

Parents of students registered in the school should not sign up for this service as doing so will result in double messaging.  

As an additional service, community members and parents may also use the School Messenger app on iTunes and Google Play to receive community messages via notifications.

Community Members must sign up through the School Messenger website first in order to use the app.



CapoTalk Publication/Mailing List: Sign up here to receive general communications from the District.


How does Opting-Out of phone messaging work?

At any time, while listening to a CUSD phone message broadcast through the School Messenger Communication application, recipients may press “5” on their phone to initiate the opt-out process.

After pressing 5, recipients will be given 3 choices:

  • To unsubscribe from messages like these, please press 1

  • To unsubscribe from all Non-Emergency messages, please press 2

  • If you do not have Students attending  CUSD or you are a Non CUSD community member, please press 3 to block all phone communications